About Candy Corner

Thanks for visiting Candy Corner! With all the online vendors out there, we understand it can be difficult to choose a reliable source for your candy and snack needs. Candy Corner offers an unbeatable selection of best-selling candy brands as well as unusual, hard-to-find options.

Benefits of ordering from Candy Corner include:


  • Fast, reliable shipping — most orders ship same or next business day, depending on the time the order is placed. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR PROCESSING TIMES
  • Wide selection — we carry hundreds of different candy and snack items. Shop chocolate, hard candy, sour candy, chips, popcorn, healthy snacks, and more!
  • Low prices — we aim to offer wholesale prices to end consumers. Our strong, long-term relationships with candy and snack manufacturers allow us to pass savings on to you!
  • Climate-controlled warehouse — any items that are susceptible to melting (i.e. chocolate) are stored in a large, refrigerated area of our warehouse. This helps items to remain fresh and in the best condition possible. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR ICING POLICY
  • Outstanding inventory management — our website is constantly updated to depict accurate inventory levels, so you can be sure that what you're ordering is in stock. We have a sophisticated system in place to ensure that any items near expiration are removed from our warehouse, so you will receive fresh product every time you order.


We carry popular brands like Snickers, M&M's, Twix, Haribo, and Russell Stover. Shop standard size candy bars, king size candy bars, individually wrapped bulk candy, and more!


Snack time is the best time! Keep your pantry stocked with Frito Lay chips, bagged popcorn, and cookies, along with healthier choices like almonds, peanuts, and granola bars.

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Shop hundreds of popular candy and snack items

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